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After doing a little work on the Monsignor Dad book this morning, I’ve been searching for new tools to write with on the iPad. Even before the UPS fella dropped off mine on Day One of release, I bought Apple’s Pages, and its been adequate. Reaching for a document that’s on the iPad is complex, though. I have SimpleNote loaded up — free, in a basic version — but haven’t written a word into it yet.

A major factor in choosing the best tool is Keyboard Dock compatibility. This spring I bought a raft of tools like this $75 hunk of plastic and metal that lets me write as if I was on my iMac. Some of the writing tools for the iPad, like Docs To Go, don’t support the arrow keys on the Keyboard. Not good. It’s clumsy to stay on the keyboard to write and then need to interact with the screen to move a cursor up, down or around.

Oddly enough, a simple WordPress blog might be one of the best ways to compose first drafts for journals. Yes, you need a connection to the Internet, so this wouldn’t be your choice to write on a train ride or in the park without 3G coverage. But as a working sandbox, a lot like this blog, once again gives the people something good for free

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July 3, 2010 at 9:44 am

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