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Never mind Gustav, Ike has spike

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Two weekends ago, we braced here for Hurricane Gustav — or to be more accurate, the influx of evacuees from that storm. Now the real deal is upon us here in Austin, as Hurricane Ike is about 12 hours away from landfall at one of our favorite spots, Galveston’s Seawall Boulevard.

Abby and I have spent many loving nights at the San Luis Resort and Hotel. Just across the street from that retreat, debris is being tossed into the air and onto the the boulevard this afternoon. They expect 110 MPH winds at landfall. Up here in Austin, it’s a beautiful day with 95 degree temperatures and light winds with scattered clouds. And no lines at the gas stations or Walmarts.

Like with Katrina three years ago, the local (Houston) newspaper storm blog is the best source of eyewitness details like giant balls of fire ants floating ashore, the mass exodus of mammoth cockroaches from the seawall beach, or BBQ parties on Postoffice Street in downtown Galveston with those riding out the storm and ignoring the mandatory evacuation orders. Those BOI — born on the island — say Ike looks tamer than Hurricane Alicia in 1983.

Hard to say now, but meteorology scientists are camped out in Brazoria County at shoreline to measure winds at the landfall site. “Landfall is not well understood,” one scientist said. They’ve brought three trucks of equipment and labs to study the calamity.

While I write here, the sky grows thick with clouds and the wind has turned to blow out of the north. Storm winds from that direction. We expect lots of rain and high winds. Tie down the lawn chairs and turn off the sprinklers.

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September 12, 2008 at 9:22 am

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