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Hard-wired History

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One of my dream writing projects, after finishing my novel Viral Times, is to pen a story of the HP 3000’s history, some 36 years and counting, a lifetime in the computer business. I’ve been on the scene for more than 23 of those years.

This week the juggernaut of Computerworld posted its Unsung innovators: 10 people who shaped the computer industry article. It’s the stuff which a good history relies upon as background, as well as turning points to compare against.

The article also includes a link to Seven Tech Titans of Today. For a writer who cut his teeth on community journalism, practiced in the fields of the Hewlett-Packard customer base, this is fun stuff. It makes it clear who the step-father of the Internet is, anyway.

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December 3, 2007 at 12:20 am

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