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Late night, lights-out heartbeats

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This has been the week of late nights for me and my wife. Abby and I watched basketball again deep into last evening, instead of going out to the movies. NBA playoffs, and the little David of the Warriors, bottom-seeded, fought the Goliath of Dallas. Top-seed vs. 8 can be of little interest. But not this series.

And so nearly three hours later we’re still naked and breathless on the bed — in front of the TV, watching an improbable upset unfold. Those Dallas desires for a playoff title lay as tangled up as our bedclothes. The Warriors, riding “The Force” that their coach invoked (Baron Davis, mostly), won and went up 3-1 in a best of seven series. No more losing for Dallas now, unless they fold up for the season.

After 45 minutes of channel bouncing, from TNT’s after-game coverage to the podium interviews on ESPN, then back, then forth, we turn out the lights. Abby’s heart is still racing. These Dallas Mavericks took our Spurs out of the playoffs last year, overtime in a Game Seven. We get to watch them suffer now. Oh the humiliation of being taken down by a bottom seed.

Hearts a-pounding, Abby cues us up our Sabrina DVD , drops the veil over the TV tube. Around our heartbeats together, all we can hear in the darkness is Audrey Hepburn’s voice narrating the movie with a fairytale opening, “Once upon a time, on the north shore of Long Island…”

Out in California in Oakland, the Warriors fans probably fought to fall asleep too, imaging a fairy tale that would let their doormat of a team sweep out the reigning conference champs. As John Saunders said on the Sports Reporters yesterday morning, Dallas may have won 67 games in the regular season, but they need to win three more very soon, or they’ll be done.” It might be too much fairytale to believe. But I’d rather be waking in Oakland this morning, or the postcard-clean island of Alameda just offshore where my friend Guy Smith lives, than rolling over to hit the buzzer in Dallas. Two time zones away, and the difference between hope and desperation.

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April 30, 2007 at 9:14 am

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