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Three things to keep out of your mouth

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Especially during the recent cabin-fever ice storm era here in Austin, you might be inclined to “treat” yourself with some bad foods. You might say, “oh, but it’s the only thing in the house.” Even that’s not a good enough excuse to consume these three foods:

1. Donuts
2. Alfredo sauce
3. Processed cheese

So says Chris Carmichael, trainer to Lance Armstrong during No. 1’s seven straight Tour de France wins. Carmichael has a poppin’ Web site with lots of free information on nutrition and training.

His bottom line on these three “worst” foods? Donuts will always leave you hungry, alfredo sauce is a heart attack on a plate, and any cheese that’s processed has something in it called alginate. Guest nutritionist Erika Highstead says “Alginate is used to waterproof and fireproof fabrics.”

On my own list I’d put bagels (really high Glycemic Index rating, poor fiber), ice cream (no matter how good it tastes, you gotta carry that fat up the hill) and root beer, a liquid that’s like a mainline of sugar. Thank goodness they only make it in 12 oz cans! (Oh — you mean there are 2-liter bottles? Uh oh.)

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January 18, 2007 at 9:19 am

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