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The $4,000 pen

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No kidding. The most costly item in the new Paradise Pen “Giving Manual No. 5” is a Cartier La Dona Menagerie Fountain Pen. Gold plated. Inspired by a necklace Cartier made in the 1940s for La Dona, “the Mexican Marilyn Monroe.”

“The second offering in the Menagerie Collection signed by Cartier.”

The necklace requested by La Dona was a crocodile. “Pen nib engraved with a crocodile head and the year 2006. Exotically expressive,” says the Paradise Giving Manual, which is something like Levenger meets J. Peterman.

Yes, there are under-$100 items in the Manual. But not many.

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December 12, 2006 at 9:11 am

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I wrote a Google-one-hit phrase

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I keep a blog well stocked in the other part of my life, as editor of the 3000 NewsWire. A few days ago a motivational speaker, Steve Donahue, sent me a comment about one of my recent stories on the NewsWire blog. I told the tale of how my son’s wedding day was a redemption for me, something like what a 3000 computer customer might be ready to feel. Drop the vitriol, if you can, I said. People were happy on that wedding day who had seen hard times in the past.

Well, it seems I managed to write a phrase that has exactly one link when you plug it into Google. Proper names can do this, and you can come up with a really nonsensical group of words that yield exactly one hit. But my phrase came out of writing about the wedding and Nick’s accomplishments as a rising sales person. The phrase?

“artistry of sales”

Type it into your Google search window, with the quotes included, and my editorial column will pop up.

For some reason, I’m pleased. I have the idea I might have coined something here.

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December 12, 2006 at 12:23 am

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