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Just one of 48,000 booksellers

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Barnes & - was my first night at Barnes & Noble, largest bookseller in the world and the company with the best-ranked retail experience in American business. For three years in a row. Not any pressure there to perform, no. Happy people. Great environment, generous benefits.

It’s part time seasonal through the middle of January, but it could turn out to  be more later. All the syntax of bookselling we got on our tour of the store tonight: mini-missions, channel shelves, dumps, toppers, waterfalls, step ladders, H’s, and the CGW: Core Gondola on Wheels.

It’s like learning the names of the sheets on a four-masted schooner. Children’s books generate the biggest share of the titles sold. Music is a high-value sale. And always, always, always, be offering the B&N Readers card.

Cover Image

There are 48,000 booksellers across the US, in 800 stores. Just 60 per store, on average. I’m one of just three coming into the workforce in Lakeline Mall’s outlet as seasonal temporary. Five hours of HR forms, briefings and an employee discount number worth 30 percent off. Which I used to buy Zobmondo, a collection of outrageous bizarre choices. Would you rather live in a home without electricity or live in a home without running water?”

Net on the night: $16.13 after taxes and that crazy book above. There’s some workshop prompts in there.

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November 28, 2006 at 12:24 am

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